Colin grew up in rural Northern Virgina, with a childhood full of "all the sports and instruments a child can handle". Being the youngest child (with 3 older sisters!), gave him a competitive streak and strong work ethic, but also fueled his drive to please people and produce things that make people happy! He found his entrepreneurial spirit early, first, with plans to move to Switzerland to be a chocolatier and professional chocolate taster, and then, determined to open a restaurant and serve all his favorite foods. In 2011, Colin moved to Montana to attend the College of Business and run track at MSU. He soon found his love for craft beer and his sister's gift of a home brewing kit kicked off his interest in developing recipes and testing new brews on friends... the rest is history as they say! Many years and obstacles later, Colin is thrilled to join Bozeman's prestigious brewing community and open the doors of LBP Brewing. Named after the moto of the state he's grown to love, he's looking forward to pushing the envelope on new recipes and bringing more good beer to the area. While you'll find him around the brewery most days, when not at "work", he's likely outside, hiking with his wife and dogs, skiing or hunting.


Will moved to Montana in 2014 to attend graduate school at Montana State University. Upon completing school, Will took a job at Outlaw Brewing Company in Bozeman, MT and has since worked at Madison River Brewing Company. Will's brewing journey began as a freshman at Virginia Tech, fermenting beer under his dorm room bed, and joining the Virginia Tech Homebrewing Club. Over the years Wills passion and expertise as a brewer have turned his hobby into a profession he can be proud of. When Will isn't brewing you can find him skiing at Bridger Bowl, hunting in the high country or playing beer league softball around the valley. Drop by the brewery and come have a beer with Will today!